Fort Dox Outsourced Imaging

Fort Dox can image your files for you. Outsourced imaging saves time and money. Let us do the work with quality and efficiency.

We Pickup and Prep Your Files

You box up your files. We come and pickup up the boxes as part of our all inclusive price. We then prepare each file for imaging (remove clips, staples, etc)

We Image and Index Your Files

Our high-quality high-speed scanners turn your paper files into PDF electronic files. Our staff indexes the files by your custom data fields for fast access.

Securely Access Your Images

You use our Fort Dox software to securely search and retrieve your files. Fort Dox is a feature-rich application providing fast viewing and file emailing, printing and exporting.

We Shred or Return Your Paper Files

You have the option to have us professionally shred your paper files or return them to you. We do this after you have verified the electronic files in Fort Dox and have given us approval.